High Point Pool will not open Memorial Day weekend.

This past winter the deep freeze burst pipes in the clubhouse and cracked the water meter for the pool water line.  Those repairs were completed this spring and we even repaired a crack that developed in the pool interior, but as preparations for the pool opening moved forward, we have discovered that there is a leak somewhere in the underground pipes which is causing water to leak out at a rate of 4-6” per day.  That is not sustainable to operate the pool throughout the summer.  Even if we added water around the clock, we would be unable to heat it fast enough and treat it with necessary chemicals, not to mention the expense of doing that all summer.

So the regrettable decision has been made by the trustees to delay opening until repairs can be completed.  Our pool will not open Memorial Day and will be closed until repairs can be done.

We have had two pool companies look at the situation, but they were unable to determine the source of the leak.  It is necessary to bring in a specialist that will work to find the location of the underground leak and then we will have to dig that up, repair the leak and restore the concrete shell and interior pool surface.  This is most unfortunate, but other pools in Strongsville have experienced the same calamity in the past.  It is the nature of being in Northeast Ohio with severe winters.  We will update residents as we get information about the expected repairs and delayed opening.

Swim team is aware of the situation, as they would normally practice after school from Memorial Day until school is out.  We are working with Deerfield Woods (as they participate on the Sharks) to see if temporary arrangements can be made to allow the team to practice there. 

Digging into the concrete basin, finding the leaking pipes, repairing the pipes, repairing the concrete basin, repairing the pool surface will not be cheap, but we have the ability to pay with some impact to our normal budget.  It is a question of availability of pool repair companies, as this is the busiest time of the year for them.  

We understand High Point residents will be concerned about the delay and appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding as we do what is necessary to get repairs done as quickly as possible so we can open for the summer.

If you have specific questions, please contact the Homeowner Hotline at 440-638-4304 or contact any of the trustees.

High Point trustees