Capital Improvements

High Point trustees actively manage the amenities and facilities of the association and provide for replacement and improvement on a scheduled basis, according to long-range budget planning. Below are listed projects that have been completed to maintain our asset values.


Projects in 2013

Saratoga Trail Entrance Island Landscape Renovation and Replacement Winter Pool Cover - $19,000

When the new pool was built in 1997, a custom-designed and fabricated winter cover was part of the project to keep debris out of the pool and ensuring safety around the water basin. Covers are expected to last 10 years, due to the harsh Northern Ohio winters and the chlorine that keeps our water safe and clean. Based on an inspection in the spring of 2013, the decision was made to replace the winter cover at a cost of $11,500. Our entrance island at Saratoga Trail had pine trees that dated back to the opening of the development in the early 70’s, and the trees were mature and overgrown. After the removal of the large older trees, new landscaping was added to open up the area. This makeover was well-received by residents.

As of June, 2010, association trustees reported that High Point has passed the MILLION DOLLAR mark of capital improvements in a GROUP of projects since 1995. These investments in multiple capital improvements, enhancements and replacements to our facilities have been accomplished while holding the annual dues to one increase in the past 20+ years. Investments in the association amenities will preserve the value of the homes in the development and continue to position High Point as one of the most desirable communities in the State of Ohio.

Beginning in 1995, the trustees of the High Point Homeowners Association began a long-range development plan for the association. Designated as HP2000, the trustees proposed five major projects as components of the plan. These were approved by members of the association and subsequently amended in early 1996 to allow for an increased cost of the replacement pool. All of the funds were provided from normal dues collections and current budget dollars. Throughout the term of HP2000, the trustees guaranteed that dues would remain at $270 per year, as they had been since 1982.

Beyond the HP 2000 plan, the trustees moved forward with additional work that is described below. In 2004 the dues were raised to $330 per year to allow for continued maintenance and improvement of the association properties. These capital investment projects will continue to maintain the facilities in a manner that will add value to our homes and preserve these amenities for use by our residents. Association trustees maintain a rolling multi-year budget plan that projects our expenses and planned improvements and renovation work. This means that your dues are invested in the association to protect your value in years to come. Our most current projects are listed at the end of this information. Be sure to review all the work that has been done in the past to appreciate the overall investment of your dues. Dues increased beginning in the 2016 calendar year to $360 annually to afford the ability of the association to maintain and replace assets, as has been projected for the last several years in our 10-year budget included in the January newsletter. It has been 12 years since the dues were last raised. You can review the most recent 10-year published budget projection on the Governance and Administration tab.


In total, since 1995, the association has invested over $1,000,000 in capital improvements, enhancements and replacements to our facilities. These projects will preserve the amenities and value of the homes in the development and continue to position High Point as one of the most desirable communities in Greater Cleveland.

Project 1

Purchase common area - $50,000 (1996)

Association purchased two additional sub-lots from the developer. These are now common area, but were buildable lots. Each lot was sold below market price at $25,000.


Project 2

Entrance Signs - $35,017 (1997)

A total of five new masonry signs were constructed as replacements for the original wood development signs. Two each were placed at the High Point Club and Saratoga Trail entrances off Drake Road and one stands in front of the club house and swimming pool. New lighting was installed for these units.


Project 3

Replacement Swimming Pool - $276,363 (1997)

A great deal of work went into the analysis of the original pool before a decision was made to completely remove and replace the old facility. Our new pool contains 192,000 gallons of water in three distinct areas. There is a zero-entry area which has water bubblers in the floor. This provides for walking into the pool and serves as the baby pool area. A main rectangle with a 25 meter length runs from three foot to five foot in depth. There are six competitive swim lanes in the area for our swim team. Running off the five foot area of the rectangle is a 30x30 foot diving well that goes to 10 feet deep. This allows diving from the deck.  A three-flume waterslide was installed.


Project 4

Replace Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts - $81,000 (1999)

Surfaces from the original tennis and basketball courts had deteriorated over the years and needed repair. It was determined that only complete replacement of the surfaces would restore the courts to professional standards. As part of the project the fence fabric was replaced and lights were rebuilt.


Project 5

Club House Renovation and Expansion - $230,000 (2000 & 2004)

Restrooms in the clubhouse were gutted and rebuilt in early 2000 at a cost of $43,000. Not only was the stall capacity doubled, but the restrooms were also made accessible to handicapped persons and fully compliant with the requirements of ADA. Beginning in the fall of 2003, an expansion of the clubhouse was undertaken to add 2,000 square feet of program area. This addition of new space increased the room size available to residents to have parties and events at the clubhouse. Renovation of the existing party room included new lighting, carpets, wall coverings and tables. A total of over $180,000 was invested in this project.


In all, the High Point 2000 capital development project invested over $665,000 in capital improvements and replacements over a nine-year period. All of this was accomplished with dues being held at $270 since 1982. Dues were raised for the 2004 calendar year and going forward to $330 per year. Even with continued improvements and ongoing maintenance, the current ten-year budget projection by trustees is based on dues being held at $330 at least through the year 2014.

Project 2006-A

Clubhouse Lobby and Kitchen Renovation - $71,494

This has brought the lobby and kitchen up to the quality of the restrooms and the main party room. New wall covering and carpet were installed in the lobby. Our kitchen received new wall covering, new appliances, new cabinets, new flooring, new lighting, new countertops and a serving bar. In addition, all the painted woodwork and white doors in the lobby, kitchen and old party room were replaced with stained wood.


Project 2006-B

Interior Pool Surface Replacement - $ 61,418

Although it seems like the pool was just replaced, 2005 was the ninth summer using the “new” pool. In the Northern climates, pools are subjected to many destructive forces in the winter. Our plastered finish on the pool was expected to last between 10 and 15 years. We experienced surface deterioration and tiles coming loose over the past two years and the trustees felt it was time to carry out repair work. A new DiamondBrite finish was installed and all lane markers, end targets and waterline tiles were replaced. This new material has been fully researched and site visits done to determine the benefits. DiamondBrite lasts much longer and can go as long as 20 years before replacement. This new surface should last for many years. Although the pool opened a week late due to construction problems and weather delays, residents found the new surface to be smooth and very clean. A new main pump was installed for the pool that is a new composite material and will not rust.


Project 2007-08

Replace Playground Equipment - $75,207

Over the winter of 2007-08, association trustees engineered the replacement of a playground installed in 1993. At that time, a state-of-the-art PlayWorld System gave children in the development a great place to play. Playground equipment, like every other asset, requires periodic maintenance and eventual replacement. Although projected for 2008, the playground replacement project got a little push into 2007 when the trustees found that they could secure a matching grant to pay for half of the cost of the equipment from a number of manufacturers for orders placed and paid for in the last two months of the year. Requirements were prepared and companies were requested to submit bids for systems. A decision was made to go with Snider & Associates, a local firm from North Royalton that represents Play & Park. Trustees paid $40,000 for $80,000 worth of playground equipment. (Resulting in a playground area valued at $120,000 for only $75,000.) Installation took place in early 2008, with work finished in late March. Snider & Associates did a great job installing two sets of equipment. One apparatus is designed for ages 2-5 and the other for ages 5-12. This way, younger children have a place of their own in the same area as the older children. Our new playground can be viewed on this website, with photos in the amenities section. Rave reviews have been given by youngsters who love to play on these new units. Snider & Associates will be contracted for ongoing maintenance to keep the equipment in great shape for many years to come.


Project 2009

Replace Pool Porch Roof - $32,000

In the spring of 2009, trustees evaluated deteriorating conditions of the porch roof at the pool and solicited recommendations on required repairs or replacement. After a thorough review of the situation and anticipated costs, the decision was made to replace the fiberglass porch roof and supports with a new, permanent roof. Due to structural damage from years of leaking problems related to the pitch and gutter placement of the fiberglass cover, repair was not a practical or responsible option. A permanent roof replacement was the most practical and cost-efficient choice for the long term. Accomplished to blend in with the existing building, most residents probably never even noticed the improvement. In addition to the new porch, the roof over the restrooms and pump room was also completely redone to correct leaks in the skylights, vent stacks and roof as this area had not been done with the addition in 2004. With the new roof another benefit is that our new deck chairs will be much better protected during winter storage and should last longer.


Project 2009

Replace Tennis Court Surface - $36,950

In 1999, a tennis court replacement project was completed that involved replacing the subsurface foundation material and the asphalt surface. Association trustees were disappointed, but not surprised, to get only ten years before deterioration made repairs necessary. Research concluded that among a number of options (replacing the base and putting in a new asphalt surface or putting a synthetic court surface over the existing repaired asphalt), the best alternative for repair was the installation of a synthetic surface. Months of discussions and investigation led to the decision to choose a synthetic surface. Not only do the trustees expect this alternative to last longer, but the cost was less to provide courts that would be more forgiving and prevent athletic injuries.

Among the providers of synthetic surfaces, there were a number of firms that provide products and that secondary decision process took several months. Visits were done to sites with the synthetic surface and countless references were checked with other homeowner associations before the choice of VersaCourt was finalized. Our evaluation of the different products showed VersaCourt to be superior in a number of ways. Surface repairs were completed two days before Thanksgiving and the new surface was laid before the holiday. Timing became an issue, as the trustees observed that the tennis court surface had significantly deteriorated this year and might suffer additional structural damage this winter. Leveling the court and filling the cracks under the new surface became a priority. This project, for repair, installation and materials, was under $37,000.

Tennis players will find the new surface to be more resilient and the US and International Tennis federations have determined the synthetic courts to be moderately fast compared to asphalt. A notable advantage is that the courts will be dry much faster and be playable much quicker after rain or snow. You will also see we have changed the color to a burgundy court surface with the surrounding area light gray. 

Of special note is that with the project we installed two “rebounders” on either end of the West court. These will allow for tennis training or practice. Similar to backboards, these nets give a much more realistic playback bounce and no noise like boards. Individuals can come to the courts to practice alone and find the workout very genuine.

While we are the first homeowner association in Cleveland to have such a surface, High Point has been a leader in the past with pool design and playground equipment design and we fully expect to be the new standard in premier tennis court surfaces. Our evaluation and analysis of the VersaCourt product restores this facility to pinnacle performance status.


Project 2009

Replace Playground Swing Base - $6,000

With the replacement of the Playground equipment in 2007, trustees recognized the superior characteristics and safety of engineered wood chips as a landing base material, rather than sand that had been used previously. A decision was made to replace the sand swings base with engineered wood chips. This was completed at the end of the year.


Project 2010-11

New Waterpark Features - $32,000

When the new pool was constructed in 1997, bubblers were included in the floor of the zero entry. These have been replaced with two new water features that rival anything at the most prestigious commercial water park facilities in the area. Trustees worked with Mazur North America from Norwalk, Ohio to manufacture and Astro Pools from Mansfield, Ohio to install our new features. Astro and Mazur are known around the world as the premier installer of multi-million dollar projects at commercial water parks. Our Nerdy Bird and duping buckets give a whole new visual and water experience to everyone that visits our pool. Photos of the pool and the new water features appear on this website under the Amenities and Photos tab.


Project 2012

Pool Caulking & New Pool Chemical & Storage Addition - $30,500

A significant investment was made in caulking the gap between the concrete pool deck and the Diamond Brite interior surface of the pool. This gap had developed over the time since the new pool was built and required a professional solution to provide a long-lasting repair. This will reduce water leakage and wall damage, and should add years to the life of our pool. Several sheds were removed behind the clubhouse and new storage was built to properly contain pool chemicals, covers and equipment. Because the pool is only used during the summer months, storage of pool equipment is critical to protect and preserve asset value. This facility meets all safety and building requirements and provides additional weatherproof storage capacity.


No other homeowner association in Greater Cleveland can match this improvement record that maintains and enhances the value of the homes in the development. High Point continues to invest in the future through sound management and careful planning.