Pool will NOT be open Memorial Day wekend

Pool Problems May Delay Opening

Repairs have been ongoing for the past two months without success. Information below photo links.

May 19 - Leak #5 was found, but Metro Pools has not been able to work on the leak due to opening other pools. We appreciate they have attended quickly to the first fourl leak repairs and believe they will be working on this very soon, but this will mean we cannot open Memorial Day weekend. Check back for updates as we get new information.

May 16 - Leak #5 has been found. Next step is to dig up the leak and repair the break. Depending on the PVC angles/joint special materials may be needed (as several of the other leaks had unusual angles to the pipes). Once this leak is repaired, we will retest the system and if it holds pressure we can finish the repairs. But this may not be the last leak. We continue to consult with experts who have no explanation why the PVC has deteriorated in such a short time. Check back for more updates.

May 15 - A fourth break in underground pipes was identified and repaired. System was pressurized and it failed to hold pressure, indicating there is yet another leak. Specialist has been called back to determine the location under the pool floor of the fifth leak. Each break must be found and repaired one at a time before another leak can be detected.

Photo of a break

Another break

Another break

Another break

Another break

Another break

Another break

Break 4

Break 5

As of the writing of this newsletter, we still do not know when or if we can open the pool. For the past two months we have been working with contractors to find and repair leaks in the PVC piping under the pool floor. There have been two broken pipes and each has been repaired, and now we are looking for the third broken pipe. Each time this is a process that involves high pressure testing with air to “hear” the leak with a “stethoscope” type instrument the leak and then digging up the floor and repairing the PVC pipe. Leaks can only be found one at a time. Then you move on to the next one. Not only does it take time, but it is expensive. We hope to open May 25.


Last summer we had to delay opening because of one leak. This past winter we knew the pool lost water under the winter cover, indicating another leak. As soon as the winter weather broke, we began the process of finding leaks and repairing the pool. Trustees remain hopeful that we will be able to open Memorial Day, but there are no guarantees. UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE. That will include progress on repairs and our opening timeframe.


You may not remember, or perhaps you are new to High Point. Our “new” pool was built in 1997 and was resurfaced in 2006. It is typical that the pool surface lasts 8-10 years. DiamondBrite is the smooth surface over the concrete shell. Under the pool floor and behind the walls run hundreds of feet of PVC pipes that send water to the filter system and bring heater water back into the pool. When we built the new pool in 1997, trustees were told to be prepared to replace the pool within 20 years in this climate. In 2016 we did repairs to the surge tank and the contractor inspected the pool basin and said that it was in good shape and resurfacing would extend our use of the pool for 8-10 years. We did not resurface. PVC pipes under the floor cannot be seen and plastic deteriorates underground. Last year our leak suggested the PVC pipes were in trouble. With at least 3 new leaks this winter, we are clearly on borrowed time. Residents saw the 2019 Ten-Year Budget Projection in the January newsletter estimated pool replacement in the fall and winter of 2022-23.


It may not be possible or prudent to put the project off until then. A progression of dues increases has been in process and the dues for 2020 were announced to increase to $390. That will happen as planned. If the pool has to be replaced before 2022-23, it would be necessary to take out a loan to pay for the project. There will not be an assessment to replace the pool. On our website you can find the long-range Reserve Analysis that we update regularly. This helps us plan for work that needs to be done to maintain our assets and the value of our association. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball or Ouija board that can perfectly predict the future. So even careful planning and forecasting are not perfect. Trustees are reviewing and assessing the options regarding the pool.


It is obvious from the leak problems that the PVC is deteriorating quickly. We have been asked why PVC was used if it only lasts 20 years. It is the standard for pool construction and used for indoor and outdoor pools. Would stainless steel pipes last longer? Not only is PVC stronger, but a fraction of the cost. Having a pool is an expensive proposition, but Realtors have consistently said that pools sell houses to young families with children and increase the value of homes for sale.